Student Volunteering Week - How student volunteering can develop skills and employability.

14 February 2020

Studying an MSc in Social Work at RGU Kate undertook a placement with Home-Start Aberdeen in Spring 2019. Kate was no stranger to Home-Start having been an employee of a Home-Start organisation in her earlier life in London.

After completing her placement with Home-Start Aberdeen, Kate stayed on as a home-visiting volunteer.

She shared her story with us this week for Student Volunteering Week.

Student Volunteering Week 2020 runs from 10th - 16th February and celebrates how student volunteering can:

  • Improve student wellbeing
  • Develop students' employability
  • Contribute positively to the wider and local community life

Kate’s volunteering story

“I loved my placement with Home-Start Aberdeen so much I asked if I could come back and support families as a home-visiting volunteer. I’m a single mum myself and know the challenges families can face and just how the support from Home-Start and their network of volunteers can make such a big difference.

I’m really passionate about supporting children and families and through my social work course I’m particularly interested in supporting families with complex and challenging needs. When I was doing my dissertation I had more free time and was keen to keep my hand in and gain further experience working with families and children facing challenging issues.

The team at Home-Start Aberdeen have been fantastic and I’ve been supporting a family for 5 months now. It’s been such a good experience and as well as supporting the family, I’ve also gained a lot from it. I was able to use the experience in a recent job interview as well as provide a reference from Cathy, the team leader. That interview was successful and I’m due to start my new position within the children and families team for temporary fostering within the next few weeks.

On a personal level I’ve also made some really good friends, my children are of similar ages to some of the team’s children and we meet up on a regular basis for the kids to have fun together.

Volunteering with Home-Start Aberdeen has been a great experience on all levels.”

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