Home-Start Aberdeen offers a variety of opportunities for individuals, groups and businesses who wish to support our work.

Home-Start Aberdeen fundraisers

Fundraising Resources

We have developed two key documents to help anyone who wishes to support our work.

Your Guide to Fundraising for Us provides advice on:

  • Choosing a fundraising activity
  • Accessing support from Home-Start Aberdeen
  • Preparing for sponsorship
  • Promoting your fundraiser
  • Staying safe and legal
  • Submitting funds.

The guide also includes advice for businesses, who may wish to establish a longer-term arrangement to meet their own corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. As a nominated charity, Home-Start Aberdeen can provide lots of opportunities for employee engagement, if desired.

Peter Vardy fundraising group

Our Fundraising A-Z is a shorter, four-page document for those who are seeking fundraising inspiration. Please note that this list is not exhaustive - there are many additional opportunities out there and we are happy for you to pursue those that suit you best. Some of our forthcoming fundraising events are often listed here.

Chosen your fundraising event already? Desperate to get started? Download a Home-Start Aberdeen sponsorship form.

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What your support means

£5 can... for one space at our Rising Stars group for a family who is at particular risk of isolation. one space for a parent and infant to attend a baby massage session to support parent/child bonding.

£10 can... a Home-Start Aberdeen volunteer’s first visit to a local family in need of support. for a session’s worth of healthy snacks for families attending our Rising Stars group, which is for parents and children who are at particular risk of isolation.

£50 can...

  • pay for ten spaces at our Rising Stars group for local families who are in particular danger of isolation.
  • fund five visits to vulnerable local families by a Home-Start volunteer.
  • fund one baby massage session for up to ten new mums and their infants to encourage parent/child bonding.

£100 can...

  • pay for a two-hour training session for new volunteers, including staffing and supporting materials.
  • buy healthy snacks for families attending our Rising Stars group for a ten-week block.
  • cover 20% of the costs of a bus to transport Home-Start Aberdeen families to our annual summer outing - often the only special summer activity they will enjoy.

Non-financial assistance

We completely understand that sometimes it is simply not feasible to make a financial contribution.

Many organisations generously offer their services in kind as an alternative.

We also offer a variety of volunteering opportunities, for organisations who allow staff time off to volunteer as part of their CSR commitment.

Services in kind