Help us prevent family crisis and breakdown.

For over 30 years our aim has been to prevent family crisis and breakdown.

We provide crucial help for struggling young families, who have at least one child under the age of 5, providing emotional support and practical help with issues including social isolation, bereavement, mental health, relationship problems, illness, disability, and financial hardship.

Coronavirus has hit vulnerable families particularly hard, putting their physical and mental health under immense strain. The increased stress, anxiety and uncertainty can heighten the risk of parenting burnout and family breakdown.

We've adapted our normal services to ensure we can continue to work safely and maintain vital family support.

Our family support groups, which are a lifeline for families struggling with isolation and emotional wellbeing, are now taking place remotely. Our Evening Stars Group gives parents a safe space to share experiences, concerns and anxieties, and get support and reassurance from volunteers and other parents.

Right now parents need all the help they can get. £500 will allow us to continue and expand our Evening Stars Group. This will provide vital support to tackle mental health, anxiety, and isolation for parents, helping them to keep their children healthy, happy, and ready for a return to normal life.

Together we can make a difference. Please consider donating today.