About us

Our challenge

Today families living in Aberdeen face more pressures than ever including poverty, poor mental health, social isolation, illness and disability, bereavement, relationship breakdown and parenting skills. 

Our challenge is to respond to families’ needs and ensure that difficulties and challenges don’t escalate into crises and family breakdown.

Our solution

Our solution is to give families the right support from the right person at the right time. 

 What happens in a child’s earliest years will affect the rest of their lives. Young children need nutrition, good health, safety and security, responsive care and early learning opportunities to support their growth and development. 

Our trained volunteers work alongside the whole family to make sure that parents have the skills, knowledge and resources they need to give their children the best possible start in life.

Our support can be practical – helping establish routines and boundaries; helping families access other services; providing socialising opportunities for children and parents. Or it can be emotional – providing reassurance and encouragement; supporting parents with mental ill health; helping to improve family relationships

“I have been so grateful for the help and support I received from volunteers. Life has been so difficult and without their support, kindness and caring I would never have managed to get through these difficult times.”
Supported parent
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