This week we wanted to shine a light on our volunteers who perform the vital role as trustees and advisors to the board.  We are extremely grateful for the time and commitment they give to guiding and governing our charity.

To celebrate trustees week we heard from Mike Brown, one of Home-Start Aberdeen’s trustees on his experience.  Mike, formerly an accountant and business entrepreneur for almost 30 years, joined the Home-Start Aberdeen board as a trustee in 2018.

“I retired from business in 2017 and to be honest I hadn’t heard of Home-Start and had no idea what they did when I was approached by the then General Manager.  When pressed I agreed to come along and help out at board level and in that first few months I realised, firstly the fantastic and valuable work Home-Start do and secondly that I could bring something to the board from my experience of running a business for almost 30 years.  I’m delighted to be able to contribute positively to this brilliant organisation.

“What I have learned is that the concept that Home-Start Aberdeen uses, that the best way to help a child is to help the family unit, is absolutely the right way forward.

“There are key responsibilities as a trustee but if you have the desire, those responsibilities are there to be embraced.

“Sitting at board level I help to develop the strategy of the business because I firmly believe, despite the fact the name charity can mean different things to different people, that any successful charity must be run as a business first and foremost.  If successful, the beneficiaries will be better off and I try to bring my business acumen to the board to ensure that happens.

“Many people can say I don’t have the experience to be a trustee, I don’t know anything about children but I don’t think that’s what’s important.  What is important is bringing yourself and your experiences to the board.  It’s all about a board of many different experiences and taking that to the table and hopefully the combination of those experiences makes for a better board.  There’s always requirement for good quality trustees with enthusiasm and commitment to the role.”

Listen to Mike’s experience as a Home-Start Aberdeen trustee here:

Mike Brown, Trustee audio