Our aims and values


Our values: 

1.    The Child at the Centre – the wellbeing and safety of the child is always paramount

2.    Inclusive – we are open to all, value diversity and are committed to equality

3.    Responsive – we provide the help and support which families tell us they need

4.    Respect – we treat people with empathy and are non-judgemental

5.    Partnership – we work in partnership with each other, with families and with other organisations

6.    Openness – we are committed to a culture of teamwork, collaboration and transparency

7.    Quality – we strive for excellence through continuous improvement


Our aims: 

       Every year we support over 200 families with children aged under 5. Our work focuses on 4 key   



1.    Children will experience a more nurturing and stimulating family environment

2.    Children will have improved health and wellbeing

3.    Parents will have more knowledge, skills and confidence

4. Families will be more resilient and able to cope with challenges they face

Last year 79% of families reported that their children had improved health and wellbeing after being supported by Home-Start Aberdeen
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