Our impact

Every year we support around 200 families across Aberdeen who have at least one child aged under 5. Of those:

  • 20% are affected by disability
  • 21% are from minority ethnic communities
  • 40% have at least one parent aged under 25
  • 45% are single parents
  • 49% live in regeneration areas in Aberdeen
  • 60% are suffering from mental ill health
  • 62% are in financial hardship

Families can be referred to our services by other organisations including:

  • Health visitor
  • GP, midwife, community psychiatric nurse, or other health professionals including social workers and teachers
  • Families can also refer themselves to us for support.

    Our work focuses on 4 key outcomes:

    • Children will experience a more nurturing and stimulating family environment
    • Children will have improved health and wellbeing
    • Parents will have increased knowledge, skills and confidence
    • Families will be more resilient and able to cope with the challenges they face


    We have comprehensive, family-centred evaluation framework. We measure a wide range of quantitative and qualitative indicators to understand the effectiveness of our services and the impact they have on families.  We use feedback from families to continually review and improve our services

Our impact throughout 2020-21

Families Supported


Children Supported


Volunteer Hours


of children experienced a more nurturing family environment, helping them to meet their developmental milestones


of children had improved health and wellbeing


of parents felt their wellbeing had improved, allowing them to better meet their children’s needs


of families felt more resilient and better able to cope with challenges

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Home Start Aberdeen Impact

Our service is city wide. We receive referrals from health and social care agencies and welcome self-referrals.

My baby and I are alone in Aberdeen and you have become my new family. I tried to write down everything I wanted to say to you but can’t put my gratitude into words.

‘My Story’


Hear Home-Start Aberdeen volunteer, Geraldine, talk passionately about her experience as a home-visiting volunteer with Home-Start Aberdeen and what supporting families means to her .
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